Jacob Rains (jakerain) wrote,
Jacob Rains

Why you support or oppose the Initiative:
In general, I default to voting "No" against Initiatives. Our government system is a Representative government, I elect officials who have a duty to research and investigate the issues so that they can make informed, intelligent decisions on the issues. I count on them to pay particular attention to the details of our legislative evolution so that I am not forced to.
In the specific case of I-1082, I find that the language and the details of the measure far exceed my knowledge of the insurance industry and for me to make an informed decision would require a great deal of additional research. I'm not claiming to be lazy, I am suggesting that in this case, our elected officials are in the best position to make informed decision on this issue, this is their job.
However, there are additional measures in I-1082 that undermine the protections in place. I-1082 exempts private insurance companies from being sued under the Insurance Fair Conduct Act, (IFCA). The IFCA contains measures which allow successful plaintiffs from collecting punitive damages from Insurance companies which unreasonably deny claims. This goes beyond just collecting the damages owed to the plaintiff, but punishes the insurance agency for unreasonably denying claim. The result of this is additional protection to the consumer; insurance providers have additional considerations to make before denying a claim.
The argument can be made that The Workers' Compensation system in Washington State may be in need of reform and change. All government systems should continuously be reviewed and analyzed to ensure that the public is getting the most from their government. I-1082 is not an issue that should be left to the voters to decide. The State should review and search for methods of improvement, while keeping government safeguards in place.

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